Machined contacts

Precisely machined contacts, spring-loaded contacts and customised plug connectors

The world of plug connector technology with machined contacts, Swiss made by preci-dip. From standard products through to customised designs.

Standard products:

  • Machined single contacts
  • Spring-loaded contacts

Functional principle of spring-loaded contacts:

  • preci-dip spring-loaded contacts consist of the contact body (or contact sleeve), the movable contact pin and a compression spring. The (gas-tight) electrical contact is established with a flat fixed contact by the movable contact pin and a defined spring pressure acting on it.
  • The fixed contact is either another customised counterpiece with fixed pads and/or the circuit board itself with defined integrated pads.
  • The applications are diverse. The numerous benefits of the principle have meant that the product has quickly established itself in a range of sectors. They are designed for use anywhere where high “plug” cycles or the docking of other devices is required. Vehicle fitting (e.g. when docking mobile phones to hands-free devices), medical devices, portable devices for data recording and data processing, industrial automation and test and measuring instruments are just some of the possible fields of application.

Properties of spring-loaded contacts:

  • Extremely long service life of up to 100,000 cycles!
  • Outstanding electrical properties
  • Very good vibration and shock resistance
  • Very small, ideal for compact applications
  • Connections using SMD technology (ribbon or carrier), through-hole technology, pressfit or soldering technology.
  • Fantastic design flexibility: floating contact installation, double-acting contact

Customised products:

All preci-dip single contacts (standard and spring-loaded contacts) can be processed as customised products and elements on request and for appropriate quantities. preci-dip is extremely flexible and has immense know-how based on decades of experience.

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