Line Cards

Line Cards

Customised solutions with select partners that guarantee reliability

3M is one of the world’s most innovative companies. CiS has been marketing select customised, innovative solutions from this company for over 35 years, including Scotchflex flat ribbon cables and IDC plug connectors, high-speed Twinax cables and plug connectors and much more.

Preci-Dip is a global market leader in high-quality machined contacts and spring-loaded contacts. The products are produced in the Swiss Jura region, which is famous for its long watchmaking tradition, based on a high-precision, fully-automatic process. CiS delivers both standard products as well as special plug connectors that have been specifically developed together with the customer.

Ratioplast-Electronics and Ratioplast-Optoelectronics Ratioplast is a company with a rich history in plug connector and mould construction. The company specialises in the design, development and production of plug connectors and electromechanical and optoelectronic components for customised applications.

CiS Asia network: For many years CiS has been cooperating with select manufacturers from Taiwan and the People’s Republic of China in order to manufacture large series products according to internal specifications. This perfectly complements our internal production and distribution programme. The products include contacts, switches, plug connectors, electronic circuits and cable assemblies. These manufacturers are subjected to regular audits and meet the highest quality standards as well as the code of conduct.

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