Flat ribbon cable and assembled lines

Flat ribbon cable and assembled lines

3M is a global, innovative manufacturer of high-quality plug connector systems, raw cables and special cabling.

3M provides a mix of market standards as well as internal developments and customised solutions. Standard products in all established grid spacings.

Flat ribbon cables, var. spacing

  • Grid spacings 0.635/0.85/1.00/1.27/2.54 and 3.96 mm
  • External jacket PVC/TPE/halogen-free
  • Stranded conductor and solid circular conductor
  • Various shielding solutions
  • Parallel and twisted pair
  • Monochrome with marginal core and multicoloured/colour-coded

Round flat ribbon cables

  • Grid spacing 1.27 mm
  • PVC- and halogen-free
  • Shielded and unshielded

Assembled lines in close cooperation between CiS and 3M

  • Flat ribbon cables with moulded plug connectors (customised)
  • Assembled Twinax flat line for high frequency transmission in casing
  • MDR = Mini Delta Ribbon round cable fittings, IEEE 1284, customised
  • Camera link cable fittings (standard and customised)
  • LVDS cabling
  • Twinax HF line (global innovation!)


Extremely flexible and customised flat conductor connectors

FIX JUMPER system: extremely flexible flat conductor connectors that combine the properties of a flat conductor ribbon cable and a plug connector’s connection pin. The smooth and notch-free transition from the flat conductor to the round connection pin guarantees a break-proof junction.


  • High vibration and bending resistance, low processing requirement thanks to ready-to-use delivery and simultaneous soldering of all terminal points in a soldering bath
  • Optional single side solder joint combined with plug connectors
  • Material: optional - polyester, Nomex, Kapton, Pen
  • Spacing: metric from 1.00 to 5.00 mm/ inches from 1.27 to 5.08 mm (including mixed)
  • Connections: soldered straight and angled, SMD

FIX ZIF system: see JUMPER system, but for application together with 0 force plug connectors (ZIF) provided by various manufacturers by the defined stripping of the contact area. Available on both sides or on just one side in combination with a solder or SMD connection on the other side.

FIX CRIMP system: see JUMPER system, but for the efficient assembly of crimp contacts (socket/pin/soldered contacts) provided by various manufacturers. Available on both sides or on just one side in combination with a solder/SMD/ZIF connection on the other side.

Other available variations:
FIX Power system/FLEX system/FLEX Automotive system/FLEX Lux system

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