Round cables

Round cables

an all-round and flexible solution

CiS assembles standard and special cables with all contacts and plug connectors available on the market. In the event of customised requirements, CiS is able to develop special cables and plug connectors and manufacture these internally or together with the relevant partners. Cable assemblies with round cables are used in all sectors in a variety of electronic systems, whether this is in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, medical technology, transport and traffic, energy and environmental engineering or aerospace technology.

Round cables have the advantage of combining several single conductors in order to transmit various signals and energy. A round, generally symmetrical cable structure simplifies the installation in a system, as there is no mechanical direction of orientation, as is the case for flat ribbon cables for example. In addition, the cable core, consisting of stranded conductors, dummy elements, shielding, banding, strain relief, etc., depending on the application, is protected by an external cable jacket.

Round cables can also be protected against interference radiation using a variety of shielding.

In contrast to the situation with stranded conductors, full automation tends to be extremely time-consuming or even impossible due to the complex structure in the case of round cables, with the exception of the blank cut. This means that an automated solution for small and medium sized quantities is generally less economical compared to manual or semi-automated processing. CiS always selects the most cost-effective processing method for the customer.

“Round to flat”, a special feature of laminating technology. This was developed by CiS in cooperation with 3M in order to combine the benefits of a round cable with those of a flat ribbon cable. This technology involves the flat lamination of the strands of a round cable in order to easily and quickly assemble IDC plug connectors on round cables.

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