High frequency cables

High frequency cables

for rapid transmission, delivered quickly and in the highest quality

CiS assembles and tests assemblies of HF plug connectors and HF cables based on the highest quality standard.

Assembled high frequency cables are used in all systems where high frequency analogue and digital signals are transmitted. Applications include measurement technology systems, material analysis and data, mobile communications, TV and radio transmission. The relevant sectors include the automotive industry, medical technology, data technology, telecommunications and aerospace and military technology.

High frequency cables often have a coaxial design consisting of an inner and outer conductor. The space between these conductors consists of a dielectric medium, which has a significant impact on the high frequency transmission properties. Particular care must be taken during processing in order to ensure that the transmission properties, characterised by parameters such as wave resistance, line attenuation and reflection attenuation, are not impaired.

Data lines with twisted pairs in various categories prevalent in current data networks are also HF cables. Unshielded or shielded RJ45 plug connectors are most commonly used in this technology.

When assembling HF cables, particular attention must be paid to the processing of the cable shield. This generally consists of a metal strip (aluminium), a shielding braid or a combination of both. CiS processing takes place manually or fully-automatically depending on the complexity and series volume.

One innovation is the Twinax cable developed by 3M and processed by CiS. This uses the benefits of a flat cable structure for the transmission of HF signals. CiS is one of the few cable assembly companies worldwide that has the technology to process these kinds of innovative cables.

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