Flat ribbon cables

Flat ribbon cables

flat cables, lean production

CiS assembles all plug connectors and contacts available on the market on flat ribbon cables using IDC technology and laminates round cables for a variety of sectors. CiS processes flat ribbon cables manually or semi-automatically depending on the design and the series production.

Flat ribbon cables were originally used as signal cables in the computer industry. These days they are also used in other sectors, in systems where flat multi-core cables are beneficial due to the limited space, such as in casing, and where the quick and easy IDC technology can be used for plug connectors.

Flat ribbon cables consist of several strands that are connected with a separator resulting in a flat cable structure. The strand jacket also represents the external jacket of this simple cable structure. CiS also produces shielded and encased flat ribbon cables.

Processing includes cutting to length and trimming as well as punching and splicing. One innovation is the Twinax cable developed by 3M and processed by CiS. This uses the benefits of a flat cable structure for the transmission of HF signals. CiS is one of the few cable assembly companies worldwide that has the technology to process these kinds of innovative cables.

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