Cable harnesses

Cable harnesses

We are happy to take on complex cabling solutions

CiS manufactures cable harnesses or cable sets of various complexity and size, in small and medium series for the automotive industry as well as for the sectors of plant and mechanical engineering, medical technology, the automotive industry, transport and traffic, energy and environmental engineering and aerospace and military technology.

Cable harnesses are basically more or less complex cable assemblies that are comprised of the individual fittings described above. Besides cables, lines, contacts and plug connectors, cable harnesses often also include system components such as electronic circuits, switches, sensors and mechanical components.

The series production of these kinds of complex structures requires auxiliary constructions such as assembly boards or sample assemblies. In most cases CiS also integrates measurement technology into this process in order to ensure that these sophisticated cable assemblies can be tested by computers so that the quality can be documented. CiS frequently assembles highly complex cable harnesses that consist of over 100 cable fittings before carrying out electrical tests to ensure a simple “plug and play” installation into the customer’s device. This means that the customer’s “time to market” is extremely quick.

In addition to the production and quality assurance processes, cable harnesses also place great demands on engineering and supply chain management. CiS employs highly qualified specialists in all teams in order to be able to meet these demands while ensuring the highest standards.

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