Cable assembly

Cable assembly

quick and reliable

CiS has been manufacturing customised cable assemblies since 1975. Experienced, competent and motivated employees as well as modern machinery are at the ready to provide optimal commercial and technical solutions. Premium quality small, medium and large series are produced, supported by supply chain management. Production sites in the Czech Republic and Asia guarantee efficient production.

Cable assembly or cable fitting can range from a simple A-B connection to an extremely complex cable harness consisting of several thousand contact points. Even a layperson quickly realises that this requires extensive know-how and experience. In general, a cable fitting is an elementary system component without which the system could not function. It is comparable to the nervous system or the human cardiovascular system. A cable assembly must perform its task reliably over many years and potentially under adverse conditions to ensure that our customer’s system can also reliably fulfill its task.

For example, cable assemblies can be distinguished by their physical transmission properties, the conductor characteristics, the cable structure, the complexity or the application. Products include copper cable fittings, fibre optic cable assemblies, round cables, flat ribbon cables, cable harnesses and high frequency, signal or energy cables. In general, CiS covers all processes associated with the assembly of copper cables and also assembles optical cables where required.

Our core competence covers the following processes:

  • Fully-automatic systems for processing strands (cutting, stripping, crimping, tin plating, printing)
  • Semi- and fully-automatic wrapping systems
  • Twisting strands
  • Labelling systems (ink jet printing, tampoflex and hot stamping), label printing and winding machines
  • Crimper (individual contacts, reels) and stripper crimper machines with crimp adhesion monitoring
  • Injection moulding units for moulding and overmoulding plugs, contacts and electronic assemblies or circuit boards for moulding sleeves and to manufacture components and covers
  • Fine soldering work
  • Circuit board assembly (in cooperation)
  • Mechatronic Integrated Devices (in cooperation)
  • Sensor production (capacitive, inductive, thermal)
  • Assembly production, control cabinet and system assembly
  • Test adapters and predominantly EDP-based test systems
Round cables
Flat ribbon cables
High Frequency Calbes
Cable Harnesses
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