Transport and traffic

Transport and traffic

Besides food, health care, energy supply, communication and education, mobility is one of the most important factors of human development. The transportation of people and goods is the basis for transactions and prosperity.

The transport and traffic sector includes (and this list is non-exhaustive) commercial vehicles, such as construction machinery, agricultural machinery, handling (cranes, transport systems), local public transport, railway technology, traffic recording and traffic management. The applications are just as diverse as the sectors and include engine control units, control elements, display systems, braking systems, toll systems, passenger information systems, signal systems, traffic monitoring, access regulation, payment systems, etc.

Many of the above-mentioned systems require maximum cabling reliability as the failure of a braking or steering system could have fatal and catastrophic consequences for the passengers as well as other road users.

The engineering services and products provided by CiS meet all of the competence, quality and reliability standards demanded by this industry.

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