In leading industrial nations the automotive sector is an important economic factor and innovation driver from which other sectors benefit. Private transport can be viewed as part of the transport and traffic sector, however distinguishing between the two is still appropriate due to their economic importance, the type and dynamics of these markets to the transport and traffic sector.

A modern car is a complex system that also contains a large number of electronic subsystems. These subsystems are used to ensure functionality and control the vehicle as well as ensuring the safety and comfort of the passengers. These systems include the engine compartment systems, lighting systems, steering wheel control elements, indicator elements, vehicle consoles, window regulators, seat adjustment, seat heating, navigation, entertainment and communication systems, etc.

Many of the above-mentioned systems require maximum cabling reliability as the failure of a braking or safety system could have fatal and catastrophic consequences for the passengers as well as other road users.

The engineering services and products provided by CiS meet all of the competence, quality and reliability standards demanded by this industry as a 2nd or 3rd tier supplier.

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