Energy and Environment

CO2-neutral by conviction

CiS believes that a healthy business and a healthy climate go hand in hand.

Due to this conviction, CiS is committed to the Economic Senate’s “Word Forest Foundation Initiative” as an active sponsoring member.

This lets us live up to our responsibility for the future. With tangible results: CiS electronic GmbH is the first cable assembly company to operate climate neutral - the CO2 emissions of all its German locations are neutralised by a reforestation project in Panama that has already been implemented. Demonstrable and certifiable.

At the same time we are working intensively on an over-arching reduction strategy, which will be implemented across the entire CiS Group in the coming years. The cornerstones of environmental responsibility, energy efficiency and CO2 neutrality also define our requirements of the supply chain and for product selection.

Environmental protection and sustainability do not stop with CO² reduction at CiS, but in fact also include compliance with international regulations on the use of chemical substances. Ordinance no. 1907/2006 (REACH) and directive 2015/65/EU (RoHS) are the controlling standards for this in the European Union. These regulations ensure that the use of substances hazardous to people and the environment is forbidden or that an adequate declaration of the substances must be implemented.
The objective is that such substances will ultimately be replaced with less hazardous substances or technologies.
CiS actively contributes to the implementation of these regulations by ensuring that suppliers comply with these regulations and imposing sanctions in the event of them being infringed.

The current overview of restricted/forbidden substances can be viewed via the following links:



In addition, we ensure that our suppliers comply with further national and international legal regulations, including the prohibited chemicals regulation [ChemVerbotsV], the electrical and electronics equipment law [ElektroG] and the battery law [BattG].


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