Social Responsibility

We take responsibility

The CiS Group is committed to a variety of social areas. Examples include various sponsorships to finance school education for children in third world countries as part of Plan International and targeted sponsoring activities. Those receiving sponsorship include schools, kindergartens, a children’s home, a mothers’ centre, voluntary fire brigades, football teams and cultural activities and associations.

The issue of international understanding is the focus of many activities, often with strong personal commitment. For example, in light of this, CiS Managing Director Peter M. Wöllner makes the Villa Klinger available for the Czech-German friendship seminar “Strength from roots”.


Fussballklub Frýdlant

DJK / VFL 1919 Willich

Sportclub Schiefbahn

Smedava Cup, jährliches Zeitfahrradfahren aus Hejnice zum Wittig

Fryyfest Musikfestival. Nové Mesto pod Smrkem

Wallenstein fest

Ausbilder in Afrika

Plan International

Kindergarten, Nové Mesto pod Smrkem

Mutterzentrum Kòràlek, Nové Mesto pod Smrkem

Freiwillige Feuerwehr SDH Ludvíkov pod Smrkem

Freiwillige Feuerwehr SDH Hejnice

Andheri-Hilfe Bonn e.V.

„Šprechtíme“ – Sprachkampagne für deutsche Sprache in CZ

Galerie Liberec „Deutschböhmische Ausstellung Reichenberg 1906"

Verschönerungsverein Nove Mesto

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