Code of Conduct

Transparency and honesty in business

A company is judged by its actions, not its words. In light of this, the CiS Group has specified a binding code of conduct that directs our actions and gives our partners certainty.

The central pillar of our culture is the commitment to integrity. Honesty, openness, equity and reliability define the actions of our employees both internally and externally. Examples include the clear separation of professional and private interests and the prevention of corruption. CiS naturally does not enter into any business relationships with partners that violate international human rights, e.g. child or forced labour and gross violation of occupational safety.

The code of conduct defines a work environment that is fair, safe, protects health and is free of discrimination. In particular, CiS supports mutual friendship between the employees of different nationalities at the various locations. We consider ourselves to be a family at CiS and act accordingly.

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