Our focus is on the reliability of your products

Our vision is to be the quickest and more reliable cable assembly and system technology provider with customised solutions in dynamic target markets in the eyes of our customers.

Welcome to CiS-
because every connection counts

Cable assembly belongs in the safest hands, because cabling must be completely reliable to ensure the dependable function of complex systems. That’s what CiS stands for.

As a medium-sized German enterprise, for decades we have been supplying our customers with cable assemblies, cable fittings, special plug connectors and system technology, which make an important contribution to the functionality of our customers’ products. Individual solutions, independent production, outstanding flexibility and certified quality processes are just some of our established competitive advantages.

The bottom line is that our clients receive optimal TCO and the assurance of a perfectly assembled cable. Take advantage of our expertise today!

Did you know?

Once again, CiS Group is among the best employer’s in the world in 2017

The CiS Group has its headquarters in Krefeld and production locations in Czech Republic and Romania, and just as in 2014, it is among the world’s best employers.

A WCA (Workplace Conditions Assessment) audit completed at the production location in Czech Republic has determined that the jobs and working conditions like work safety, wages, and working hours, health and safety, and the management system and environmental management are at the highest level and also clearly above both the worldwide average and that inside the country.....

Quality without compromise

Our aim is to ensure customer satisfaction with a focus on quality.

Did you know?

Informations & News

11. August 2016 / Presse, Informationen

CiS electronic GmbH supports the future research project ...

The CiS Group with registered office in Krefeld, Germany, and production sites in Czechia and Romania is undergoing intense preparations for the changes in industrial development that are expected in the upcoming years. “I would like to draw your attention to an interesting initiative that I am actively supporting in my role as ‘Future Ambassador’, says Peter M. Wöllner, owner of the CiS Group. What are the future prospects for Germany? – This question is extremely important, but not fundamentally new. Future-relevant subjects such as Industry 4.0, digitisation or demographic change are already ...

13. May 2016 / Presse, Informationen

CiS Group publishes second UN Global Compact progress report  ...

“At CiS, values such as human rights, environmental protection, working standards and fighting corruption always play an important part,” emphasises Doris Wöllner, CSR Officer of the CiS Group. “For two years now, we have been an official member of the UN Global Compact and we have undertaken to promote these values in public, too.” The CiS Group is an owner-operated company which has its headquarters in Krefeld, Germany, and production sites in Czechia and Romania, and currently employs over 1,100 employees in total. In our second year of active membership, we have conscientiously engaged with the ...

20. April 2016 / Presse, Informationen

Cable assembly company CiS electronic GmbH appoints Christina ...

The CiS Group, which has its headquarters in Krefeld, Germany, and production sites in Czechia and Romania, continues to make preparations for the future. Ms Christina Heise M.A. was entered in the Krefeld Register of Companies as an authorised officer of CiS electronic GmbH on 15 April 2016 by the owner of the CiS Group, Mr Peter M. Wöllner. “Following the successful completion of her Master’s degree, which she has pursued alongside her employment, I am delighted that Ms Heise will be taking on more responsibility in the company. In recent years, she has shown that she fits perfectly into our team ...
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