Our focus is on the reliability of your products

Our vision is to be the quickest and more reliable cable assembly and system technology provider with customised solutions in dynamic target markets in the eyes of our customers.

Welcome to CiS-
because every connection counts

Cable assembly belongs in the safest hands, because cabling must be completely reliable to ensure the dependable function of complex systems. That’s what CiS stands for.

As a medium-sized German enterprise, for decades we have been supplying our customers with cable assemblies, cable fittings, special plug connectors and system technology, which make an important contribution to the functionality of our customers’ products. Individual solutions, independent production, outstanding flexibility and certified quality processes are just some of our established competitive advantages.

The bottom line is that our clients receive optimal TCO and the assurance of a perfectly assembled cable. Take advantage of our expertise today!

Did you know?

Once again, CiS Group is among the best employer’s in the world in 2017

The CiS Group has its headquarters in Krefeld and production locations in Czech Republic and Romania, and just as in 2014, it is among the world’s best employers.

A WCA (Workplace Conditions Assessment) audit completed at the production location in Czech Republic has determined that the jobs and working conditions like work safety, wages, and working hours, health and safety, and the management system and environmental management are at the highest level and also clearly above both the worldwide average and that inside the country.....

Quality without compromise

Our aim is to ensure customer satisfaction with a focus on quality.

Did you know?

Informations & News

29. March 2016 / Presse, Informationen

Cable assembly company CiS electronic GmbH can look back on a ...

The CiS Group, which has its headquarters in Krefeld, Germany, and production sites in Czechia and Romania, can look back on a successful and particularly eventful 2015. A great deal happened in the course of this anniversary year, in which the CiS Group celebrated 40 years of operation as well as further notable successes. Turnover was again up on the previous year and CiS recorded stronger growth than the market as a whole. This was mainly achieved by the high level of satisfaction among existing customers, but was also attributable to newly acquired customers. CiS continues to focus on sustainable ...

21. March 2016 / Presse, Informationen

Cable assembly company CiS electronic GmbH supports the ...

The CiS Group with registered office in Krefeld, Germany, and production sites in Czechia and Romania supports local and international social projects. On the occasion of the participation of the senate delegation during Pope Francis’ appearance on 16 March 2016 in Rome, the chairman of the executive board of the Economic Senate, Dieter Härthe, presented the Holy Father with the honorary toga from the senate. The bronze sculpture in the form of a Roman toga exclusively designed by an artist for the senate was handed over to Pope Francis as a gift and a sign of respect for his services and his work in ...

15. February 2016 / Presse, Informationen

Recertification in the CiS Group

The cable assembly company and system technology provider CiS with registered office in Krefeld, Germany, and production sites in Czechia and Romania continues to implement its high quality standards. This is confirmed by various auditors as part of recently performed recertification audits. The quality management system of the CiS Group was reviewed according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and recertified once again. This is a confirmation of the quality policies that have been successfully applied at CiS for years. The CiS automotive SRL in Romania has also been audited according to ISO/TS 16949 and ...
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