Retail products as customised and reliable as our in-house products

CiS is not a full-line supplier with 30 line cards. However, our network of manufacturing partners in Europe and Asia means that we are able to procure all of the cable and plug connectors available on the global market on favourable terms while ensuring the highest quality.

CiS also provides mechatronics products and connection technology, such as sensors, switches, contacts, plug connectors and cables and special lines from renowned partners such as 3M, Preci-dip, SUMIDA and Ratioplast, which ideally complement our in-house cable assembly products and system technology with regard to customer requirements.

Please contact us if you find that a line or product is missing. Our database contains over 80,000 products from renowned manufacturers worldwide.

Our plug configurator is a special service that we offer for our customers’ development engineers. It lets you independently configure the plug connector that you require and you are promptly provided with “your” free drawing. We adapt the products and the SCM to your requirements using intelligent solutions. We guarantee security of supply and total reliability at low total costs.